Lucia Ronchetti: Lezioni di tenebra
Music Theatre
new production: 30.1.2014         other performances: 31.1-2.2-7.2-9.2-27.6- 29.6.2014 
Featival Infektion, Staatsoper, Berlin

Lucia Ronchetti: Sub-PLot
Music Theatre
premiere:  6.4.2014                       other performances: 13.4-20.4-1.5-1.6.2014
Semperoper, Dresden
Lucia Ronchetti: Forward and downward, turning neither to the left nor to the right
Action concert pieces
premiere:  9.4.2014 Theater Rickiblick, Zürich            
other performances: 7.6.2014 Schloss Werderberg (CH)
Lucia Ronchetti: Hamlet's Mill
Action concert pieces
new performances: 28.3.2014 KlangForum, Heidelberg       
Swiss premiere: 8.4.2014, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich
Lucia Ronchetti: Meines Wartens
premiere: 13.6.2014          
Schloss Werdenberg (CH)
Lucia Ronchetti: Studio in forma di rosa
Action concert pieces
new production: 6.6.2014           other performances: 7-15.6.2014
Schloss Werderberg (CH)
Lucia Ronchetti: William Wilson
Action concert pieces
premiere: 30.5.2014           Contemporanea, Roma  
Composed by Lucia Ronchetti and Massimo Ceccarelli  
Lucia Ronchetti: Toccar con gli occhi e rimirar col tatto
premiere: 20.6.2014                 Contemporanea, Roma
Lucia Ronchetti: Anatra al sal
Action concert pieces
premiere: 12. 11. 2014     Teatro Filippo Marchetti, Camerino        other performances: 14/15.11.2014 Romaeuropa Festival
Lucia Ronchetti: Pinocchio, una storia parallela
Polish premiere: 11.6.2014           26th International Festival of Krakow Composers
Lucia Ronchetti: Helicopters and butterflies
Action concert pieces
new performances: 6.11.2014   Ensemblehaus, Freiburg
Four-day international symposium on the subject of LISTENING / HEARING, organised by the
Issue of the new publication "Dantes Verse" curated by Birte Förster, published by Vallstein