Lucia Ronchetti: Lezioni di tenebra
Music Theatre
new production: 30.1.2014         other performances: 31.1-2.2-7.2-9.2-27.6- 29.6.2014 
Featival Infektion, Staatsoper, Berlin

Lucia Ronchetti: Sub-PLot
Music Theatre
premiere:  6.4.2014                       other performances: 13.4-20.4-1.5-1.6.2014
Semperoper, Dresden
Lucia Ronchetti: Forward and downward, turning neither to the left nor to the right
Action concert pieces
premiere:  9.4.2014 Theater Rickiblick, Zürich            
other performances: 7.6.2014 Schloss Werderberg (CH)
Lucia Ronchetti: Hamlet's Mill
Action concert pieces
new performances: 28.3.2014 KlangForum, Heidelberg       
Swiss premiere: 8.4.2014, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich
Lucia Ronchetti: Meines Wartens
premiere: 13.6.2014          
Schloss Werdenberg (CH)
Lucia Ronchetti: Studio in forma di rosa
Action concert pieces
new production: 6.6.2014           other performances: 7-15.6.2014
Schloss Werderberg (CH)
Lucia Ronchetti: William Wilson
Action concert pieces
premiere: 30.5.2014           Contemporanea, Roma  
Composed by Lucia Ronchetti and Massimo Ceccarelli  
Lucia Ronchetti: Toccar con gli occhi e rimirar col tatto
premiere: 20.6.2014                 Contemporanea, Roma
Lucia Ronchetti: Anatra al sal
Action concert pieces
premiere: 12. 11. 2014     Teatro Filippo Marchetti, Camerino        other performances: 14/15.11.2014 Romaeuropa Festival
Lucia Ronchetti: Pinocchio, una storia parallela
Polish premiere: 11.6.2014           26th International Festival of Krakow Composers
Lucia Ronchetti: Helicopters and butterflies
Action concert pieces
new performances: 6.11.2014   Ensemblehaus, Freiburg
Lucia Ronchetti has been invited as teacher of Composition to the Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2020.
In 2020 Lucia Ronchetti will be Visiting professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende