Action concert pieces | 2014

Studio in forma di rosa

New production 6 June 2014Schloss Werdenberg (CH)
Text by Andrea Fortina

Shadow Play by Adelheid Kreisz

Night, secret, dark, blood, invisible, are some of the words pronounced by different voices in Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Persian. They are accumulated in order to generate progressive variations and inedited conglomerations of sounds in form of a rose, as series of reiterative, cryptic and isolated events.
The words, related to the idea of the Rose in the ancient Persian and Italian poetry, mostly inspired by Sa’adi Shirazi (“Golestan” ) and by Cielo d’Alcamo (“Rosa fresco aulentissima”), are interlaced in a cyclic form. Each time the conglomerations are reproduced, some fragments fall fade away, in a progressive selection based on the similarity of pronunciation.
The shadow play by Adelheid Kreisz let the formal structure to surface, creating visual echoes to the sound.
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Lucia Ronchetti-Folkmar Hein

New production as Shadow play (2014)
Arrangement by Adelheid Kreisz
Text by Andrea Fortina

Shadow Play by Adelheid Kreisz
Andrea Fortina (ney and voice)
Paola Ronchetti (voice)
Folkmar Hein (editing)

Elektronisches Studio der TU Berlin
First performance of the new production: 6-6-2014, Schloss Werderberg (CH)
Duration: ca 20 m