Action concert pieces | 2014

William Wilson

composed by Lucia Ronchetti and Massimo Ceccarelli

New performance: 20.6.2018
Bass in my life 
Performance by Massimo Ceccarelli at the Ravenna Festival
Artificerie Almagià
Massimo Ceccarelli (doublebass and voice)

The character created by Edgard Allan Poe is interpreted by the doublebassist and vocalist Massimo Ceccarelli. The William Wilson's double is represented by the instrument. The soloist is forced to a musical fight against his own double (bass) and its voluminous presence.
The play is especially focusing the vocal effect of the whispered voice of the alter ego, as depicted by Poe:   "my rival had a weakness in the faucial or guttural organs, which precluded him from raising his voice at any time above a very low whisper. […]
In spite of  his constitutional defect, even my voice did not escape him. My louder tones were, of course, unattempted, but then the key, - it was identical; and his singular whisper, it grew the very echo of my own"
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composed by Lucia Ronchetti and Massimo Ceccarelli

Action concert piece for solo doublebassist (2014)
Text from Edgar Allan Poe
First performance of the new production: 30-5-2014, Contemporanea, Roma
Massimo Ceccarelli (doublebass and voice)
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration: ca 15 m