Action concert pieces | 2014

Anatra al sal

German premiere: 28.2.2016
Staatstheater Mainz
performances: 20.3-26-3.2016

Alexandra Samouilidou (soprano)
Anke Steffens (mezzo soprano)
Alin Deleanu (countertenor)
Johannes Mayer (Tenor), Brett Carter (baritone)
Florian Küppers (bass)
Paul-Johannes Kirschner (conductor)
Birgit Kellner (scene and costumes)
Anselm Dalferth (direction)   
Anatra al sal is inspired by the late XVIth Century Italian tradition of “madrigale rappresentativo”. Both agogic realism and theatrical characterization of every voice contribute to create a short theatrical work, based on the discussion of some cooks about how to cook a duck.
The sequencing and timing of the dialogues maintain the dramatic atmosphere in which the rhythms naturally change between accelerando (during quarrels) and rallentando (while rejoicing).
In the new version as action concert piece, the writer is on stage together with his characters and moderate the debate asking for selective performances of fragments, and adding improvised spoken dialogues with the cooks.
The cooks have a meeting before the discussion and introduce themselves intoning I Festinanti, from "Festino nella sera del giovedì grasso avanti cena" by Adriano Banchieri.
They put the duck into the oven while performing a Villanella by Orlando di Lasso, in form of gastronomic riddle, Saccio 'na cosa ch'è di legno e tonda
A percussionist represents the assistant of the cooks and does prepare the different sausages, as requested by the cooks, realizing three different intermezzi with a dramaturgical adaptation from Water Walk by John Cage.
The final rejoicing of the cooks when the duck is ready and the right sausage chosen, is marked singing Vinata di brindesi e ragioni, another piece from "Festino nella sera del giovedì grasso avanti cena" by Adriano Banchieri.
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New production as Action concert piece (2014)
Arrangement by Ermanno Cavazzoni
for spoken voice and vocal ensemble
Text by Ermanno Cavazzoni
Production: Teatro Marchetti, Camerino/
Romaeuropa festival
First performance of the new version:
12-11-2014, Teatro Marchetti, Camerino
Ermanno Cavazzoni (voice)
Ready Made Ensemble
Gianluca Ruggeri (conductor)
Publisher: Durand
Duration: ca 50 m

Recordings of the first version:
CD Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2000/WDR
CD Stradivarius Alles Theater STR33680
CD Stradivarius Portrait STR 33680
CD Kairos Drammaturgie 0013232KAI 2012