Drammaturgie | 2005

Pinocchio, una storia parallela

A theatrical piece in which the four voices represent Pinocchio’s characters, according to the dark, philosophical vision of Giorgio Manganelli.
The vocal style of each part is conceived for the four male voices of the Neue Vocalsolisten, using their entire repertoire of special techniques.
Daniel Gloger, the countertenor, is a Pinocchio with a huge range of intentions and inclinations, but aspiring to normality. Martin Nagy, the tenor, represents all the white, delicate, friendly presences, Guillermo Anzorena, the baritone, travels into the dark and cruel side of Pinocchio’s world. Andreas Fischer, the bass, is the voice ex-machina, Manganelli, Collodi, a spectator. The ensemble is also asked to represent the sonorous Italian landscapes of the Collodi fantasist dramaturgy.
Violent explosions and melancholic suspensions follow the evolution of the main character Pinocchio, and his pragmatic, dramatic and irreversible exploration of the real world.
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da Giorgio Manganelli
Drammaturgia for four male voices (2005)
Text based on  Carlo Collodi
Dedicated to Christine Fischer
Commission: Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD
First performance:  Berlin: Festival Ultraschall, 25 January 2005
Neue Vocalsolisten
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 1786)
Duration: ca. 20 m
CD Stradivarius Portrait STR 33772 2009
CD Kairos Drammaturgie 0013232KAI 2012