Music Theatre | 2013


Sub-Plot is a reduction of the opera seria Didone abbandonata created by Sarro and Metastasio in 1724 for the Teatro San Bartolomeo in Naples.
Fragments from the versions of the two prominent composers Jommelli and Hasse are quoted and elaborated for a reduced cast including  Enea, Jarba and Dido as characters and viol one and baroque bassoon as spectral orchestra, servants, soldiers, audience on stage or generic presences.
The Metastasian experiment, a play within a play, which reveals something of the complex and confusing process of Neapolitan productions of the period, will be reversed through the presentation of the micro-opera seri a as entr'acte of the original intermezzo "L'Impresario delle Canarie".

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Intermezzo for soprano, two baritones, baroque bassoon and violone (2013)
Part of Mise en abyme
Text by Anne Gerber and Lucia Ronchetti
based on Didone abbandonata by Pietro Metastasio
Dedicated to Eytan Pessen

Commission: Semperoper Dresden
Co-production with Opernhaus Halle

First performance:  Semperoper Dresden, 6 April 2014
Norma Nahoun (Soprano)
Pavol Kubàn (Baritone)
Julian Arsenault (Baritone)
Stefan Meissner (Violone)
Fabian Borggrefe (Baroque bassoon)
Felice Venanzoni (Conductor)
Anne Gerber (Dramaturgy)
Arne Walther (Set)
Frauke Schernau (Costumes)
Fabio Antoci (Light design)
Axel Köhler (Direction)
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration: ca. 15 m