Drammaturgie | 2014

Meines Wartens

Premiere 14 June 2014
Schloss Werdenberg, CH

La rosa di Francesca che muore and Lungo la note illune are the two parts of the solo viola piece Studi profondi, chosen by Iso Camartin as accompaniment for his original poem "Meines Wartens" The real ancient rose aged in a bottle, the nocturnal flowers described by Guido Gozzano and the “Un poco largamente” from the Piano quintet op. 44 by Schumann originating the composition of the solo viola piece in 1984, are now having a new distillate of life in the words, the voice, the glance and the listening of the poet, reading his own poem into the viola sounds.
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Drammaturgia  for spoken voice and viola (2014)
Text by Iso Camartin
Arrangement by Iso Camartin from "Studi profondi"
First performance: 13-6-2014, Schloss Werderberg (CH)
Iso Camartin (voice), Corina Golomoz (viola)
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration: ca 15 m