Drammaturgie | 2012
Madrigale rappresentativo a cinque voci
with music by Gesualdo da Venosa (2012)
Voices: S,M,T,Bar,B
Texts from Barthold Hinrich Brockes,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hugo von Hofmannsthal,
Christian Morgenstern, Rainer Maria Rilke, Angelus Silesius,
Ludwig Uhland, Sigmund von Birken and Johannes Klaj
Commission: Neue Vocalsolisten
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration:  ca. 12 m
Soundtracks | 2012
Nati sotto una stella nera
Film by Francesco Castellani
Production: Rai Cinema - Point Films
First screening: Cinema Festival Roma, 17 November 2012
Sound Installations | 2012
Studio IV after Adolf Wölfli
Words from Allgebrah  by Adolf Wölfli  (1996, rev. 2012)
Production: Musica per Roma
Duration: 7 m 54 s
Chamber music | 2012
From the  Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley
for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, viola, cello (2012)
Dedicated to Ingrid Beirer
Commission: Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Berlin
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration: ca. 4 m 
Action concert pieces | 2012
solo for an operatic percussionist (2012)
based on The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Dedicated to H.G.
Commission: Festival d’Automne à Paris
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 4318)
Duration: ca 15 m
Action concert pieces | 2012
Action concert piece based on the Concerto for the left hand by Maurice Ravel
for cellist and pianist (2012)
Text by Eugene Ostashevsky
Dedicated to Annamaria D’Agostino
Commission: Amici della Musica, Ancona
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration: ca. 25 m
Music Theatre | 2012
Scene for baritone and vocal quartet (2012)
Part of Mise en abyme
Text by Anne Gerber and Lucia Ronchetti
(based on fragments from the letters by Pietro Metastasio)
Commission: Semperoper Dresden
Co-production with Opernhaus Halle
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration: ca. 15 m