Drammaturgie | 2012


Neuköllner Oper, Berlin
New performances: 6.07, 7.07, 8.07, 9.07, 13.07, 14.07, 15.07, 16.07.2023

Hanna Herfurtner, Olivia Stahn, soprano
Amélie Saadia, alto
Tim Karweick, tenor

Director Therese Schmidt,
Set designer Hsuan Huang
Dramaturgy Änne-Marthe Kühn

With music by Clément Janequin, Lucia Ronchetti, John Cage, Johann Sebastian Bach, Catherine Lamb, George Frideric Handel, Bobby McFerrin
Blumenstudien is an elaboration of Gesualdo’ s madrigals from the V and VI Books . The selected fragments from Gesualdo are adapted to a poetical sequence based on the Elegie "Die Metamorphose der Pflanzen” written by Goethe in 1798. Like in a "Madrigale Rappresentativo", the vocal ensemble tries to represent the process described by Goethe as if they were an only gigantic, metamorphic, potential voice. The whirling and dense reportage of the evolution of vegetal life, from the darkness of the earth to the orderly explosion caused by the light and warmth, is realized by Goethe through a stretched and realistic poetic reportage of each minimal detail of the vegetal vital structure.
"This was a power that simply slept in the seed; a prototype / Lay there closed and curled up in itself inside the husk, / Leaf and taproot and seed, as yet half-formed and colorless; / Thus the dry kernel holds and protects the dormant life, / Then it gushes, heaving up, trusting to milder moistures, / Lifts itself all at once out of the enveloping night."
( from “The Metamorphosis of the Plants” by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)
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Madrigale rappresentativo a cinque voci
with music by Gesualdo da Venosa (2012)
Voices: S,M,T,Bar,B
Fragments from Barthold Hinrich Brockes,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hugo von Hofmannsthal,
Christian Morgenstern, Rainer Maria Rilke, Angelus Silesius,
Ludwig Uhland, Sigmund von Birken
Dedicated to Christine Fischer
Commission: Neue Vocalsolisten
First performance: Theaterhaus Stuttgart, 21 June 2013
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade
Duration:  ca. 12 m