Action concert pieces | 2007
for solo viola and live electronics (2007)
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade 
Duration: ca. 45 m
Recording: CD Stradivarius Xylocopa Violacea (2011)
Action concert pieces | 2007
Scene for soprano, bass, viola and cello (2007)
Text by Eugene Ostashevsky (based on fragments from “Hamlet’s Mill” by Giorgio de Santillana)
Commission: Musik der Jahrhunderte/Joachim Maier
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 2619)
Duration: ca. 20 m
Action concert pieces | 2007
for solo female voice and whispering audience (2007)
Text based on Marcel Proust
Commission: MaerzMusik
Publisher: Edizioni Rai Trade (RTC 2883)
Duration: ca. 20 m