Lucia Ronchetti: Lucia Ronchetti receives 2022 Louis Spohr Music Prize of the city of Braunschweig
The award ceremony will take place on 16th October 2022 in the Staatstheater Braunschweig.
The Staatsorchester Braunschweig will perform "Rumori da Monumenti" and "Le Palais du silence"

The Jury was composed by Julia Spinola, Bojan Budisavljević und Martin Weller .

The official reason for the jury's vote is: "Lucia Ronchetti is one of the most interesting and committed artistic personalities among contemporary composers. Her music is characterised at the same time by a high level of intellectual reflection, great originality and a concise power of imagination and expression. In her compositional career, she was driven by great curiosity and an immense thirst for knowledge, which always made her look beyond predefined boundaries. This is already evident in her extraordinarily wide-ranging studies in composition, philosophy and musicology, including a doctorate. In her search for new forms of expression, Lucia Ronchetti always looks into the mirror of the past. Her music speaks a highly novel, innovative language, but often draws on older, mostly baroque works, which are painted over, reduced or fathomed anew in compositional terms. Her preoccupation with Baroque music, her keen literary judgement and her exploration of the possibilities of the human voice lead her to invent constantly new musical and music-theatrical forms beyond conventional dramaturgies and styles.
In an age in danger of losing its cultural memory, Lucia Ronchetti's commitment to an artistically reflective, innovative engagement with our cultural heritage that leads her into the future seems groundbreaking. For this and for her wide-ranging oeuvre, she undoubtedly deserves to be honoured with the Louis Spohr Music Prize."