Radio Play | 2007

Il Castello di Atlante

A musical portrait of Rome through the sounds of its ancient doors: doors of different ages, of different sizes and materials, with their special creaking sounds and character. Doors that no one has opened for a long time; significant and ritualized opening of famous doors; inaccessible doors whose sound has to be imagined. Doors incredibly simple to open, enormous doors that are quite impossible to move and old rusty doors opened by the wind, slamming in the storm.
The sound of the movement of each door retains the shadow of the past life beyond the door itself. I tried to recollect a journey in order to describe the complexity of this noisy city and the overlapping of the different sound ages: lost things, family groups, mysterious gardens, solitary suburbs, ancient concerts, mass, covered markets, secret discussions, private songs will appear behind each door.
As in Ariosto’s Castello di Atlante, the inside of which everyone is attracted to, in the search for his desired person, thing or animal, I have imagined to capture the life on the other side of the doors by mixing personal memories and realistic projections. Some doors are doors without anything behind, “absolute” doors showing extreme sound sequences.
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Commission: Deutschland Radio

Production: Elektronisches Studio der TU Berlin
Daniel Teige (recordings), Thomas Seelig (treatments and editing)

Götz Naleppa (production)
First broadcast:  Deutschlandradio Kultur, 2 November 2007 

First live performance:  Museum of Contemporary Art,
Shanghai, 1 May 2010

Duration: 54 m