Music Theatre | 2014

Esame di mezzanotte

premiere: 29.5.2015
other performances: 7.6-11.6-17.6-20.6-17.7. 2015
Nationalteather Mannheim
An old library, opening at midnight, is the environment and safe haven for a crowd of maladjusted people.
The library has lost his organization and function; the books are all getting spoilt and the employees seem to have the only aim to disturb and torture the readers.
There are parts of the library, which have fallen into darkness. Some of them have been  conquered back by nature and occupied by many animals. Other sections have become part of the underground life of the city.
What is left of the library is a graveyard, where every book is a lost soul with its lonely voice. Every book is waiting for someone to read its content, as if it was a last living residue of the author. Most of the books, however, since no reader has asked for them for a long time, are consumed by some sort of depression.
At 8 o'clock in the morning, the same people who were wandering through the library, will try to escape with a sort of  a rebours energy. 
Giro Lamenti, an Italian tardy student, is searching for information about the history of the 20th century on the night before his diploma. He is forced to watch  something like a crazy circus, organized by the library's employees and the director over the night. In the end he is pushed out, without having found any book that would help him. As he feels the fresh air of early morning, he has lost any hope to be ready for his examination.
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Opera for actors, voices, vocal ensemble, children's choir, choir and orchestra (2014)
Text by Ermanno Cavazzoni
Direction, set and costumes
by Achim Freyer
Dramaturgy by Elena Garcia-Fernandez
Nationaltheater Mannheim
First performance:
Nationaltheater Mannheim, 29 May 2015

Matthew Shaw (countertenor)
Vera Lotte Bocker (soprano)
Ziad Nehme (tenor)
Sebastian Pilgrim/Magnus Piontek (bass)
Christoph Wittmann (actor)
Reuben Willcox (actor)
Philipp Alexander Mehr (actor)
Daniela Tessmann (solo oboist)
Paulina Geißler, Valentin Geißler, Theodor Wagner (treble voices)
Matias Bocchio, Vit König, Cornelius Lewenberg, Michael Seifferth, Dionysios Tsaousidis Xuecheng Zhang (vocal ensemble)

Orchester, Chor, Childrenchoir Nationaltheater Mannheim

Anke-Christine Kober
(conductor of the children's choir)
Anton Tremmel (conductor of the choir)
Francesco Damiani (conductor of the choir on stage and the vocalensemble)
Johannes Kalitzke (conductor)