Drammaturgie | 2003

Il sonno di Atys

Il sonno di Atys is a study based on the viola’s polyphonic possibilities through a live treatment, in accordance with the project of an evolution made by stratification and accumulation of echoes and traces left by a complex and virtuosic monodic writing.   By this revision of the dramaturgic plan of the Atys of Lully, takes place a micro-opera divided in five different formal panels or scenes, coinciding with several levels of treatment and informatics interaction with the viola.
The reference to the narrative plot of the Atys looks deeply into the scene of the sleep stressing it’s importance as a sudden communicative suspension and as a moment in which the protagonist gets an involuntary reception of a dramatic reality. The Drama is reviewed and interpreted departing from this central scene which represents a neuralgic spot of maturity and precipitation of the events. Before the sleep, Atys was researching a clarification for his feelings and his unexploded passions (“Je souhaite, je crains, je veux, je me reprens”). Everything is confused and potential and every aspect of his temper is treated by Lully with delicacy having the total control of the theatrical dynamics. The scene of the sleep comes at the moment in which Atys has already walked through the foggy way of revelation (for him and the others) of the tangled mass of his feelings. Suddenly the sleep invades him. Through a baroque vision of good and fatal dreams Atys is given a new and different vision of his destiny and reality. The awakening if Atys, wasted by doubts, rushed everything towards a drift of refusal and dead. The drama explodes in reticence, erasures and abandons till the scene of the madness where Atys kills his sweetheart Sangaride, thinking she was a monstrous creature.
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Drammaturgia for viola and live electronics
Commission: Experimentalstudio des SWR (Freiburg)
First performance: Darmstadt, 12 August 2004
Barbara Maurer (viola), Reinhold Braig (live electronics)
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 1105)
Duration: ca. 20 m
CD Stradivarius Portrait STR 33772 (2009)
CD Stradivarius Xylocopa Violacea STR33869 (2011)