Drammaturgie | 2016

Aria da baule

Text and dramaturgy by Elena Garcia-Fernandez

Mozartsommer, Nationaltheater Mannheim
Mathias Lodd (actor), Vera-Lotte Böcker (soprano), Kallias Quartet
"Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio" K. 418, is an insertion-aria composed by Mozart as "aria da baule" for Aloysia Weber, conceived as one of the ad-personam arias that renowned baroque singers used to “bring along in their luggage” and to insert in every opera they sung in, regardless to the dramaturgy, just for showing off their virtuosity and talent.
This Mozart's aria da baule was originally performed inside Pasquale Anfossi's opera "Il curioso indiscreto" on June 30th 1783, at the Burgtheater in Vienna. The special adaptation of the melodic structure made for the soprano’s interpretative attitude, like a sound portrait of her voice and agility, is what is left of a person and musician who was very important for Mozart.
The stressful and frustrating situation of Mozart - being present on a very important occasion in Vienna just as the composer of a de-contextualized substituting aria -  is testified by the clarifying advice he asked to be published, in the libretto printed for the premiere, as reported in his letter to the father of July 2nd 1783.
In the new work, the striking contrast between real life and musical elaboration is analyzed and reproduced, projecting the solo singer Vera-Lotte Böcker in the role of Aloysia Weber.
The original performer is recalled through Mozart’s musical portrait and the fragile and difficult life of a free music theater composer of that time is presented, with the help of Benedetto Marcello's satirical Pamphlet "Il teatro alla moda".
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Drammaturgia  for spoken voice, soprano and string quartet (2016)
Text and drammaturgy by Elena Garcia-Fernandez
Commission: Nationaltheater Mannheim
First performance: 16-7-2015, Mozartsommer, Nationaltheater Mannheim
Mathias Lodd (actor), Vera-Lotte Böcker (soprano), Kallias Quartet
Publisher: Rai com
Duration: ca 10 m