Chamber music | 1984

Studi profondi

Neulsarang Church
Korean premiere: 29.05.2022
Sara Kim, viola

Other perfomances:
31.05.2022, Salon de Musique Seoul
4.06.2022, Kuldiga Bookstore
Sara Kim, viola


Studi profondi for solo viola is a collection of four pieces that represents an attempt to transfer visual images on the viola sounds, researching a special range of timbical effect and a forced (contracted and dilated) temporality. The  Egon Schiele extreme flowers, a real ancient rose aged in a bottle, the nocturnal flowers described by Gozzano and the impressionist way to search a direct contact with nature, are the fil rouge for a viola narration helped by the “Un poco largamente” from the Piano quintet op. 44 by Schumann.
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for solo viola (1984, rev. 2007)
Dedicated to Luca Sanzò
First performance:  BussottiOperaBallet, Genazzano (Rome), 27 August 1984
Luca Sanzò, viola
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 1905)
Duration: ca. 8 m
CD Stradivarius Portrait STR 33772 (2009)
CD Stradivarius Xylocopa Violacea STR33869 (2011)