Chamber music | 1982


Cinema Fulgor
Italian premiere: 26.04.2019
Luca Sanzò, viola
Dedicated to Michele Sanzò, brother of Luca

Requiem for solo viola, is a dense and reiterative piece recalling the counterpoint of the “Grosse Fuge” by Beethoven. Four real and virtual lines are pressed together in the reduced space of the ambitus of the viola. A non-stop search of impossible simultaneities.
Requiem is dedicated to Michele Sanzò, brother of the extraordinary violist and historical friend Luca Sanzò.
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for solo viola (1982)
Dedicated to Michele Sanzò
New version edited by Hannah Levinson
First performance: New York, The stone, 14 march 2019
Hannah Levinson, viola
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 1929)
Duration: ca. 15 m