Chamber music | 2005

Opus 100

Opus 100 by Schubert is the first recording of classical music I had when I was a very little girl, something like 4 years old, and it was the only recording I had for a long time. It was an old LP, which was in my grandfather’s cellar, with a large and deep green sea on the cover. This abstract and dense picture, the name of the trio, the Trio Fontanarosa, that in Italian means Rose Fountain, the black big letters in the title, this enormous "opus 100" on the top of the cover,  the idea there were 99 other numbers before: all this gave me a sense of a great  undetectable mystery. i only listened to this LP in the evening,  as a way to fall asleep for me and my sister, both afraid of the dark.
When the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, asked me for an educational piece for the school students, I have decided to try and transpose my old listening to the Opus 100. I have tried to write down my old memories without looking too much at the original score, searching for the body memory of that listening, the suggestions and the sense of protection the Trio Fontana rosa had gave me. This transcription is not linear, but confused, irrational, following the surfacing fragments that the mind of a child has saved and protected, transforming them during the time. It is a simplification of the original score because I wanted to stay close to my real memory. A cryptomnesia because I have kept this memory for years without knowing anything concerning Schubert; for me it was just a memory of this green sea and the suspended picture of the Rose Fountain Trio.

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Kriptomnesie da Schubert
for violin, cello and piano 
Commission: Scuola di Musica of Fiesole
First performance: Fiesole, 13 September 2005
Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Trio Johannes
Publisher: Edizioni musicali Rai Trade (RTC 2072)
Duration: ca. 10 m