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Festival Animato

From 1991 until 1995 Lucia Ronchetti founded and directed the Festival Animato for the artspace Sala1 in Rome, in collaboration with its director Mary Angela Schroth. In their fertile 5-year collaboration, they created an innovative collaborative dialogue where musicians and visual artists were free to experiment and to invent a new kind of multimedia program for the public. Thanks to Schroth's contacts with contemporary international art, the space hosted installations by various artists which were integrated in the space of the concert hall; the large-scale sculptures of major Brazilian artists (curated by Achille Bonito Oliva) were hosted for the debut of Animato in 1991 and continued with "Nuvola" an installation by Enzo Cucchi that same year. Among the many artistic components, the 1993 festival included composer David Lang and artist Janet Zweig who created "INFO-OPERA", an installation of Apple printers whose sound component recreated the libretto of Puccini's "Tosca". The 1995 festival produced the premier of the visual theater piece "La Bella Addormetata" by Fabrizio Crisafulli and Daria De Florian. Numerous musicians were invited to experiment and explore new repertories, searching for their ideal programs. Great virtuosi of contemporary new music included Manuel Zurria, Oscar Pizzo, Marianna Schroeder, the Arditti Quartet, Ars Ludi, Alvin Curran Joelle Leandre, Augusto Vismara, Luisa Castellani, all of whom presented innovative work. In collaboration with the RAI Radio3 productions of "Audio Box" curated by Pinotto Fava, the festival's experimental concerts and sound installations were broadcast to the public.
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Festival Animato
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