Artistic Direction

Biennale Musica Venezia (Festival-Projects 2021-2024)

Dramaturgy of vocal sounds in contemporary music

The Choruses festival will analyze the development of vocal writing in contemporary music, presenting the most important choral and vocal productions of the last 50 years and proposing new works that investigate the voice in its dramaturgical potentialities.
Avoiding the opera productions and the operatic use of the voice, the festival will focus on vocal techniques developed in the recent compositional researches. From the monumental historical vocal works of the last decades till the dramatic explorations of a cappella recent choral and vocal ensemble works, the festival aims to represent the complexity of the current use of the voice.
Choruses intended as multitude of individual voices, in their common utterance, where the voice is seen as communicational instrument, will be presented through new productions of a cappella dramatic choral works to be shown in different venetian locations in form of site-specific vocal works and processional performances. The refined and virtuosistic development of the vocal writing and the extended techniques created from the beginning of the past century will be further underlined by new commissioned works.
The live and electronics treatment of the vocal sound will be curated by the CIMM Studios in collaboration with invited composers, exploring the materic substance of the voice.
Venezia as a historical departure-point of the development of vocal counterpoint and baroque dramaturgical experimentation of the voice, will be the object of new commissioned compositions that will analyse the different vocal techniques connected with the specificity of acoustic of the venetian locations.

Out of Stage
Action concert pieces and site-specific music theatre experiences

The new music theater since decades invades inedit spaces, alternative city locations, abandoned hangars, open-air spaces. It nests in chamber music festivals, symphonic seasons, radio frequencies. For necessity or virtues, the new music theater goes out of the historical scenes and takes hold of a different social scene. The control and treatment of sound sources through informatics media, the eclectic virtuosism of dedicated performers, the attractions of artists and intellectuals towards this inclusive and fertile machina-mundi, have progressively decentralized the place of the performance, not anymore the traditional theater, but the out-of-stage infinitive possible locations.
The innate theatricality of the concert's ritual is enlarged and revised, developing what Mauricio Kagel has defined "Instrumental theatre", a theatre of sounds that doesn't need verbalization. Action-concert new works and site-specific music theatre performance will animate the festival,  together with new productions of seminal music theatre works.

The “Sound object”,  past and new frontiers in sound treatment and diffusion

The advancement of sound recording and playback technology through new diffusion systems, enables a new way to listen to music, a new culture of the hearing act. From the possibility to enter the sounds structure and study its parameters, till the creative and experimental alteration of the acoustic sound, pioneers of the fifties and contemporary composers of electronic and digital music, have created a new sounds world that can be listened in numberless individual or collective ways, through many media.
The festival will present music passing through microphone, whitch can change the culture of perception and develop new forms of consciousness of listening. Luigi Nono's "tragedia dell'ascolto" (tragedy of listening) will explode into the actual world of creative sound design and innovative sound spaces.

Absolute Music
New aesthetics of absolute music language

Music as a non-verbalised language, as self-referential and absolute language. European written music as the most refined attempt to transcribe acoustic fluxes of sounds into a hyper complex written codex. The festival will show the state-of-the-art of this alchemical and impressive discipline, the laboratory of the most rigorous and inventive composers, working in their Turris Eburnea, producing scores without any extra-musical references, scores that will be decoded for centuries with innumerable interpretations and new sophisticated music instruments.
Who are the new sound dreamers? A special committee of composers and curators will be spread from the Biennale in Venice to everywhere, to investigate new aesthetics and new compositional inputs.
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