Artistic Direction

BIENNALE MUSICA 2021-CHORUSES-Teatro del Parco-Joy Frempong

Joy Frempong (1978), Change and Chance (2021, 40'), solo performance for voice, film and live electronics - world premiere

Solo performance: Joy Frempong: vocalist, keys and electronics
Sound engineer: Martin Ruch
Synthesizers and programming: Guglielmo Bottin
Additional production: Marcel Blatte
Production: La Biennale di Venezia - CIMM, Centro di Informatica Musicale e Multimediale

Joy Frempong will perform a solo act elaborated especially for La Biennale di Venezia, based on her voice, loop machines, keyboards, samples of sounds recorded in Venice, and narrative elements. Known for combining electronic groove patterns with her vocal chants and catchy hook lines, she loves to merge lighthearted musical elements with experimental and noisy sounds.
The songs and ambiences will loosely move around the topic of what positive changes we could be able to achieve out of the unexpected and unwanted change that suddenly struck our lives and forced us to adapt, to improvise, to find solutions.
“If Change and Chance were good friends, what would they talk about at the bar?”
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