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BIENNALE MUSICA 2021-CHORUSES-Teatro alle Tese-Jennifer Walshe

Jennifer Walshe, Is It Cool To Try Hard Now? (2017, 40’) - Italian premiere

Jennifer Walshe, A Late Anthology of Early Music Vol. 1: Ancient to Renaissance (2020, 6')

Performer and composer: Jennifer Walshe
Vocal ensemble: EVO Ensemble: Veronica Bartolomei, Eleonora Braconi soprano, Cinzia D’Anella alto, Alessandro Cavazzani tenor, Ervin Dos Santos, Emanuele Gizzi baritone

While her music has won a great many acknowledgments – the Kranichsteiner Musikpreis at the Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York, the BASCA British Composer Award for Innovation – Jennifer Walshe is also renowned for her multimedia projects – compositions, installations, graphic scores, films, photographs, sculptures – shown in museums and galleries in New York, Houston, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and in Europe. Composer, performer and vocalist Jennifer Walshe will be in Venice as the protagonist of a solo for voice, video and electronics: Is It Cool To Try Hard Now?

"I listen to and collect voices constantly. Recording, notating, jotting down times as I watch a video so I can go back and memorise voices. A lot of my work deals with negotiating and editing this huge archive of material. Because I love voices, I love language. I view language as a subset of what a voice does. I am fasci- nated by how language functions off- and online. I love slang and argot technical language; I love newly-invented words. Through language, voices give a vivid snapshot of the times we live in."
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