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BIENNALE MUSICA 2021-CHORUSES-Ca' Giustinian-Elina Duni

Songs of love, loss and leaving. The entirely solo Partir features the Tirana-born vocalist, accompanied by her own piano, guitar and frame drum, interpreting songs from very diverse sources. From folk songs and chansons to songs of singer-song- writers. Here we find traditional music from Albania, Kosovo, Armenia, Macedonia, Switzerland and Arab-Andalusia as well as Alain Oulman’s Meu amor (My Love), Domenico Modugno’s Amara terra mia (Bitter land of mine) and more.
Elina Duni’s uniquely-expressive voice and her pared-down arrangements reveal a common thread of longing that runs through the material, as Partir brings together songs of love, loss and leaving, songs of the pain of separation and the courage to seek new beginnings.

Kanga e Kurbetit
Meu Amor
Vaj Si Kenka
Lamma Bada Yatathanna
Amara Terra Mia
Ani Kaj Lulije
Oyfn Veg
Willow Weep for me
Schönster Abendstarn
Amore che vieni, Amore che vai
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