Artistic Direction

Behind the Voices - 63 photos by Stefano Corso on Choruses 2021

Behind the voices by Stefano Corso highlights the complexity involved in producing the Biennale Musica 2021, the teamwork, the commitment of the artists, the tension and the excitement of the rehearsals and the encounters. In the sequence of images, the photographer analyses the production process, reveals the presence of the composers, listens to the dialogue with the performers, studies the acoustic spaces, verifies the diffusion of the vocal sound.
The hands, the gestures, the movements and the expressions of the protagonists turn the moments behind the scenes of every concert into a new event, a visual event charged with the sonic energy generated by the performances.
To freeze that moment, to go back and be able to see those voices warming up and harmonizing, before their sound fills the spaces, makes the CHORUSES. Vocal Dramaturgies Festival an ideally continuous laboratory.
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